Understand your industrial portfolio details to address your tenants’ increasing requirements.

APOLLO empowers industrial landlords to fully understand their property data to best match their tenant needs – thereby ensuring their tenants remain in place.

Superior Property Information

Powered by a deep understanding of your property information, building systems, and global business practices, IRPCs Apollo platform aligns our clients’ property knowledge to create outcomes that lower vacancy rates. The Apollo platform specialized within the industrial real estate market looks to assist supply chain logistics, assembly, research and development, distribution and warehouse facilities, and manufacturing facilities.

Our clients consistently turn to IRPC for property condition analysis, building system intelligence and previously hidden insights that drive powerful outcomes. IRPC delivers scalable solutions for clients across property sales and leasing, asset management, business decision rationalization, including analyzing existing property information, and soft cost management. And our team collaborates across geographies and business lines to help our clients with understanding their global industrial property portfolio.

IRPCs focused areas of expertise include Port Logistics, Third Party Logistics, Refrigerated Storage Facilities, Warehouses, Global Supply Chain, and Special Properties.

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