Intelligent Real Property Co., Inc.

(dba IRPC Inc.)


“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
~Winston Churchill.

Industrial real estate’s digital intelligence.


Increase your company’s productivity levels by having all of your team members on a simple intuitive platform.
Save money by eliminating your training costs.


Reduce mistakes by having all of your property’s information visible in a clean format. Remove your need for complex searches by having all your information readily available.


Up to date information allows your team members to fully understand the conditions before making a decision. Quick quality decisions equate to increased productivity and better profitability.

How can IRPC Inc. help you?

We build intuitive software specifically designed for
industrial landlords and occupiers.


Manage and leverage existing tenant relationships with critical property information centralized on one platform.


Access all your portfolio data, when you need it.


See an asset-level view of tenant, property, and vendor information all in one place.

Here are some interesting
industrial real estate market statistics


National Industrial Real Estate Vacancy rate*

* provide by JLL Industrial outlook 2018

9.58 billion sq. feet.

Total National Industrial Real Estate Warehouse Square Footage*

* provide by JLL Industrial outlook 2018

213 million sq. feet.

Q1 2018 Industrial Real Estate Under Construction Square Footage*

* provide by JLL Industrial outlook 2018

U.S. Industrial real estate vacancy rate forecast *

(Q4 2018 to Q1 2020).


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